Month: August 2021

Global Musician Wayne Dreadski Launches New Website Weeks Before Official Release Of His Highly Anticipated Song — Da Candyman

Highly Anticipated new song “Da Candyman” is going to be Wayne Dreadski’s biggest number yet, and all that information is available on his official website all set to rock the World on September 24 ATLANTA, GA, AUGUST 27, 2021 – International sensation Wayne Dreadski has launched his new website with […]

Why everyone is crazy for PrimaCartoonizer, the software that turns pictures into cartoon art

With the software, anyone to create crisp looking cartoon images of themselves from their pictures. It will help save time and money, and they will look cool on social media pages United States: Cartoon creation has recently become a big deal, and these images are useful for improving profiles on […]

Limytd Has Announced a Partnership with MarketPeak

Zug, Switzerland – Recently, Limytd has proudly announced the partnership with MarketPeak. Both companies share the same vision of educating people about the blockchain industry. Recently Limytd and MarketPeak decided to cooperate, rather than working against each other through competition.   About the Cooperation Limytd set up a high-quality blockchain […]

A fashion brand that advertised the incineration of war criminal flags on National Liberation Day of Korea is receiving continuous criticism from Japan

Recently, an advertisement by a Korean fashion brand on the National Liberation Day of Korea has been attracting attention in Japan as well as Korea. The advertisement, posted in Cheonggye Plaza by Gwanghwamun, begins with the phrase ‘August 15, 1945’. Then black-and-white photos show a large crowd of people gathering […]